The Paleochora Christmas Puzzle 2022

A Village Puzzle

Has it ever struck you how many villages in the Selino region of South West Crete either begin or
end with the letter ‘A’?

To the west of PALEOCHORA the river rising high above SARAKINA flows through TSALIANA to reach the sea close to KOUNDOURA.

Eastwards, the ferry to SFAKIA calls in at SOUGIA. By road to the latter you’ll pass through AZOGIRES and
ACHLADIAKES, or via ASFENDILES or ANIDRI to TEMENIA. Then on through MAZA, high above the valley and gorge of KAMARIA, and just a short distance from AGRILES, and the excellent cafe/taverna there.

Northwards, little MAHIA is on one side of the Kantanos valley, and ARMI, even smaller, on the other. Beyond FLORIA, and lonely SPINA, is the gorge connecting MESAVLIA with DELIANA, claimed by both villages.

The annual August Full Moon Concert in ROKKA is reached by a scenic drive through PLEMENIANA, then from ALIGI over to KERA. The NW coast is beyond TOPOLIA, but before there a rough road, close to ROGDIA, climbs to the Mountain Retreat of MILIA.

There are photos of many of these villages below.

The Quiz…

Of the 27 villages above, 23 are hidden in the Word Square. When you’ve found them all, there are still 16 unused letters ; read from left to right, top to bottom to find two more villages.

But there are still two villages missing …. what are these ….?

When you have figured it out, put your entry into the form below. Entries by the close at 23:59 on New Years Eve (Paleochora time). The usual €10 Gift Voucher from To Delfini bookshop for the winner. As well as this lovely (and unique) winner’s mug.

Here are photos of some of the villages to help you…


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    • John pollitt on January 5, 2023 at 3:31 pm

    Hi Bob and happy new year
    Wouldn’t expect you to remember me but I was one of the many who enjoyed your summer mountain walking course. I was in the 1993 ish intake
    I just bumped into Paul Renshaw and we were reminiscing about walking and the trip to green acre kentmere
    Means my wife would love to visit Paleochora in the spring and it would be great to have a drink with you
    Also I wonder if you are offering guided walks
    And if you could recommend a place to stay
    With best wishes
    John pollitt

    • Bob Tait on January 22, 2023 at 3:41 pm

    Kalispera John from SW Crete,

    It was the 1992 Mountain Leader Course, only 30 years ago, how time flies ! You would certainly enjoy Paleochora in the spring, the climate, wild flowers and sea warming up for the summer. No guided walks these days, but my guidebooks are available locally, and hundreds of walks etc. on this website. A large choice of accommodation here, all good. And a fine selection of bars and cafes where we could meet for a drink and reminisce about mountain days above Kentmere and the Lakes, Snowdonia and the Peak District. Best wishes. Bob

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