• youzign

    Paleochora Christmas Contest 2018

    “ There are places I'll remember, all my life, though some have changed …. some forever not for better …. some have gone, though some remain
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  • Ag Pavlos beach

    North from Ravdouha, by kayak

    After what seemed weeks of summer winds (typical for Paleochora in August and September), the Meteo forecast promised a calm Monday with still
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  • Samaria 1

    A Walk from Olive Tree Cottages (Circular From Paleochora)

    Once upon a time, after a stressful spring and summer, Lynne and I booked a package holiday with UK Freelance Holidays, to “quieter Crete”, in a
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  • Site of Kalamyde

    Searching for Kalamydes

    It started with an enquiry from Barry, who had heard of possible Roman remains called Kalamyda, close to Paleochora, did I know anything about
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  • Signs

    Kantanos Churches Walk

    Ascension of Christ Last year's Christmas Puzzle (see 'Explore' – Dec 2017) featured several churches in our local villages, among them in
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  • Homeward bound aboard the Samaria

    Papadiana to Sougia

    It's July in Crete, very hot, and only …. “ Mad fools and Englishmen go out in the midday sun “ Unless of course, someone recommends a walk
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  • Pachnes from Xyloscala

    Kallergi Mountain Refuge

    Pachnes from Xyloscala   Whilst the ascent of Gingilos, 1,974m, is a reasonably straightforward ascent from Xyloscala * (see Explore !
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  • View to Sougia

    Tripiti – Sougia On The E4 Path

    View to Sougia As promised last November, here's another section of the E4 path through Crete, and to complement the walk from Tripiti to Agia
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  • Wild flowers

    A Spring Walk Around Moustakos

      There are several requirements necessary for a consummate Spring walk in Crete. Wild flowers of course, with sweet-scented blossom
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  • Thunder Cove

    E4 path – Lissos to Paleochora

    Except for the perennially popular Samaria Gorge, the most walked route in our area is the section of the E4 long-distance path from Sougia
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  • Strati Waterfall

    Chasing Paleochora Waterfalls

    It's debatable whether summer or winter is the best time to see waterfalls. In summer, if there's a shady pool below a fall, it's invigorating
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  • Shepherd's tools

    A Little Further Above Kantanos

    There are those who can study maps for hours on end, looking at paths and trails crossing ridges, reaching mountain summits and descending
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