Paleochora Christmas Contest 2020

A cryptic puzzle for you to solve this year. First you have to discover the names of eight local villages from the clues below. After each clue are two numbers : the first tells you how many letters are in the village name, and the second number which letter you need to write down. For …

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From Strati over to Kadros, via Limnia

Long ago, before God invented ‘pick-up’ trucks, thus necessitating bull-dozed tracks and roads, communication between Cretan villages and ‘neighbourhoods’ was on foot, along shepherds’ paths or mule/donkey trails.  Some of these still exist, notably from Azogires both to Anidri and Spaniakos, and a beautiful but little-used route from Prodromi to Kamaria and Rodovani.  Others have …

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