Paleochora Christmas Contest 2020

A cryptic puzzle for you to solve this year.

First you have to discover the names of eight local villages from the clues below. After each clue are two numbers : the first tells you how many letters are in the village name, and the second number which letter you need to write down.

For example, if you think the answer to clue 2 is VLITHIAS (it’s not), with the numbers (8 : 5) you would take the letter H, it being the 5th letter … And so on, it’s easy …

1 It’s all downhill from this village, maybe to Elafonisi? (11 : 4)
2 A village with a waterfall, caves, and many legends. (8 : 5)
3 Once the largest village in this area, now in decline. (6 : 5)
4 Once a large Moslem population, and a large mosque, in this village. (9 : 7)
5 A small village, with a popular 7 km gorge walk nearby. (4-5 : 4)
6 Another village and gorge, but much closer, and shorter. (6 : 2)
7 A “Martyred” village on the road to Chania. (6 : 4)
8 First stop on the ‘Samaria’ ferry, or the last village before reaching home. (6 : 1)

To help you, five of the villages are shown in the photographs.
Now, rearrange the eight letters to give you the name of another local village and enter the contest with your answer in the form at the bottom of this post

Closing date for entries is 23:59 on 31st December 2020 and of course for the randomly picked winner there is the usual Ten Euro gift voucher to exchange in “To Delfini” bookshop plus a Crete Puzzle Book sent to you (or a free copy of the Paleochora Explore! eBook if you live somewhere that can not be delivered to by Amazon). Good Luck ! And Christmas Greetings to everyone.

And here’s the form to submit your entry…

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    • Katharina Heckmaier on December 25, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    The contest is a great idea….
    I HOPE to win….

    • Shelagh on December 26, 2020 at 3:12 pm

    Fun to do …and didn’t hurt my brain too much, haha!

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