Paleochora Christmas Puzzle 2021

A puzzle in two parts for you this year; the first for fun, and to test your knowledge of the villages in the Selino area, close to Paleochora, and the second part to enter the competition.

Paleochora Christmas Contest 2021

Here’s what you need to do.  Firstly, unravel twenty anagrams to give you the names of villages within easy reach of Paleochora, all of which can be found on the Anavasi Hiking Map (Crete 11.13) Samaria – Sougia – Paleochora.  If you find all the villages, or most of them, well done, and maybe you’ve passed through many of them during the walks described in the Explore! series.

1       D  I  R  N  A  I

2     O  D  O  P  R  I  R  M   (4th)

3     E  S  G  O  Z  I  A  R   (8th)

4     A  T  I  R  S  T

5     A  S  K  O  L  M  A   (4th)

6     E  M  A  P  E  A  N  I  L  N   (7th)

7     A  T  A  L  A  I  S  N

8     I  K  O  D  K  A  I  K    (3rd)

9     H  O  P  N  I  R  A  E  C  O   (6th)

10    N  O  O  I  R  V  D  A 

11    H  A  I  C  M  A   (4th)

12    D  K  S  R  O  A

13    A  A  K  S  I  R  A  N    (4th)

14    U  O  S  V  T  A

15    H  I  S  V  A  L  I  T   (2nd)

16    A  I  K  S  N  A  P  S  O

17    N  E  E  I  A  T  M    (4th)

18    R  A  F  I  L  O

19    O  S  K  A  M  U  T  S  O    (6th)

20    V  P  L  A  O  K  L  S  O  A  U    

You can see a printable copy of this here

Now, to enter the competition:  from your answers, take the letter numbered, as indicated, from eleven villages.  For example, if the anagram was:  E  F  I  S  D  E  A  L  N  S  (6th) the answer is  A S F E N D I L E S, and you would take the 6th letter –  D ….. and so on.

When you have eleven letters, rearrange them to find the name of a small village less than 12km from Paleochora. 

The winner will get an exclusive winner’s mug* and a €10 voucher to spend at The Delphini Bookshop in Paleochora when you are next in town.

Paleochora Christmas Contest 2021 Mug
* Providing shipping is available to your country. If this is impossible, it will be stored at the Delphini Bookstore for your collection.

When you have found the answer enter the competition by filling in this form          

Closing date:  Friday 31st December  at 1 minute to midnight (Paleochora time)

The village photographs may evoke nostalgic memories of holidays in Paleochora, and persuade you to visit here again as soon as possible ….

Azorgires near paleochoar
On the road to Paleochora

Kalo Xristouyenna …………  and Happy Exploring in 2022

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    • David & Rosemary Turner on January 2, 2022 at 10:24 pm

    We were too late to enter the Christmas competition but wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for your wonderful postings which we look forward to reading every month. They are very much appreciated and keep us in touch with the stunning area of Paleochora and its environs. Very best wishes for 2022, David & Rosemary Turner, Tavistock, UK

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