The English poet Shelley was widely travelled, and may well have been visiting Paleochora when he wrote the lines :  ” When Winter comes, can Spring be far behind? ”  As I write this in late November, the first of our “spring” flowers  are already appearing – a profusion of mauve & pink anemones (Latin name Anemone coronaria).

Soon the almond trees will be in blossom, with a succession of colour through until early June.  Then a gap until the first rains in September or October, when we have a “second spring”, with autumn crocus, cyclamen and other species appearing, the last of which are ‘androcymbium rechingeri’, a plant which flowers in December, and  – in all the world  – only in Western Crete, most especially on Elafonisi island.  The best reference book I know –  “Wild Flowers of Crete”  – Vangelis Papiomitoglou (Mediterraneo Editions) claims 1,700 plant species are found on Crete, with over 150 endemic, growing only on the island.  Walking in springtime is an absolute delight.

For this year’s competition, all you have to do is match the ten photographs to the list of wild flowers below.  For example, if you think that ‘Photo C’ is  ‘Jerusalem Sage’ (and it isn’t!) choose that name for that photo.

My friend and ‘Botany’ expert Jenny Neal has promised neither to enter the competition, nor tell anyone the answers.

Closing date is 31st December, and a voucher for €10 (at ‘To Delfini’ bookshop in Paleochora) for the winner AND a surprise extra gift in the new year, the draw to be made in ‘Sto Skolio’ taverna in Anidri on the 2nd January.   Good Luck !

Here are the flowers to identify:


Flower A


Flower B


Flower C


Flower D


Flower E


Flower F


Flower G


Flower H


Flower I


Flower J


And here is the form to submit your answers:

Closed now…but you can still test your self just for fun!



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