Why No February Post Yet?

This year, we have been experiencing a terrible winter here in Paleochora. There seems to have been storm after storm battering the west of the island with precious few clear days in-between. Getting around has been problematic with land slides, rock falls and rivers busting their banks which all have caused many roads to be closed (and even washed away).

Your editor is currently stuck without transport (the car is the wrong side of a washed away road), fresh water supply or a phoneline & internet connection.

I have attempted to publish February’s post using a mobile internet connection but it is proving difficult to upload the images.

It may have to wait until I am near a proper broadband connection before it goes live.

If this doesn’t happen until after the end of the month, please accept our apologies. It will be the first time in almost exactly 10 years that a deadline has been missed.

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