“ There are places I’ll remember, all my life, though some have changed …. some forever
not for better …. some have gone, though some remain ……. I know I’ll often stop and
think about them …….”  The Beatles

“ Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose ..” wrote Alphonse Karr nearly two centuries ago; “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Inevitably, Paleochora has changed over the years, discovered and developed, yet our town still retains the same character and friendly atmosphere to which visitors return year after year.

A major change has been road access to the Anidri beaches, blasted through in the late 1990s, resulting in traffic, cantinas, sunbeds, and, although very tastefully done,  just maybe, in one sense … Paradise Lost…?

Anidri beach 70s


Anidri beach 90s


Fishing boats now operate from the Marina, instead of returning early morning to sell catches and mend nets at the Skala.


Scala Pier


Skala boat 2018 !


Air-conditioned buses to Chania now run four times a day, not twice a week.

Then ……


…. and Now!


The Libicon Hotel, built in 1935 and for years in decay, now houses the Council Offices and replaced by the nearby Libyan Princess.

Libicon Hotel 1935


Libicon 2018


The pelicans, once a feature, have long gone, and the open-air cinema is no more.

Stony beach & Pelican


Cafes, bars and tavernas have occasionally changed owners and names over the years, but still, offer a genuine welcome and “filoxenia” – friendship to visitors. As Wordsworth (although never on Crete) wrote: “the form remains, the function never dies …”

What will YOU remember about Paleochora?

Sunsets from the ‘sandy beach’? Relaxing under a parasol with a good book? Convivial evenings with friends late into the night? Swimming in the Libyan Sea? Swimming at night and seeing phosphorescent plankton light up around you? Our Mediterranean diet at a favourite restaurant?

Perhaps your memory is of taking the ferry to Sougia, Elafonisi, or even Gavdos?

Or maybe (… and I hope !) exploring footpaths around local villages?

Tell usin max. 140 characterswhat you’ll remember most about Paleochora …. and why.

Entries will be judged by Markella Perraki, our Councillor with a special interest in Tourism, and who supplied some of the nostalgic photographs from council archives.

Closing Date is January 5th 2019, and the Winner announced in the first “Explore ! ” of the New Year.

This year, the winning entry will receive this exclusive personalized Paleochora Winners Mug, delivered to your door.

This is the form to fill out…

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