It’s time once again for the Christmas puzzle, with a large number of entries anticipated for the usual prize of a Ten Euro voucher at the ‘To Delfini’ bookshop in Paleochora. Here’s all you have to do. Below are ten clues, some slightly cryptic, each answer beginning with an initial letter of PALEOCHORA.

P A village high above Paleochora, take the LANE PAST Asfendiles to get there. 8 (5)
A A village well-known for its church, gorge, and excellent school meals. 6 (3)
L People came here to be healed, but many died there. 6 (4)
E You can find this village near the top of Agia Irini gorge – OR HOPE I CAN. 10 (5)
O All downhill from here, it’s plain to see … or maybe plain to sea? 6 (5)
C End of the line by ferry from Paleochora. 5-7 (6)
H And by bus ….. 5 (4)
O Not a mirage, but the cafe at the foot of the Agia Irini gorge. 5 (2)
R Village on a northern peninsula, or peninsula north of the village – same thing. 7 (7)
A 99 Holy Saints settled here, must be a Lucky village. 8 (4)

The first figure gives the number of letters in the answer, the second is which letter to take –
e.g. the answer to clue R – 7 (7) – might be RogdhiA – but it’s not.
You should have 10 letters, and 6 different ones. Re-arrange these to find a village in SW Crete.

To enter, just add the name of the village in the entry form, below, with your details and click enter.

Here are some photos that are referenced in some of the clues and may help you (or may not)

Puzzle 1 Puzzle 3 Puzzle 4 Puzzle possible 2

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