Well, time certainly does fly by! This blog first came to life in June 2009. Since then, Bob has taken us on many journeys around Paleochora (and a bit further afield on occasion, too).

The blog is read each month by thousands of people spread all across the globe. It is always a joy to read the comments (on here and social media), read the emails and even meet readers while they are visiting Paleochora.

So to celebrate a decade of Explore! we decided to have a contest (a bit like we do every Christmas). Often this has taken the form of a Paleochora themed puzzle. These have proved the most popular of all  so, if you want to enter and win this 10 year anniversary contest, you will have to get your puzzling brain into gear

The prize for the lucky winner will be a copy of a new Crete-themed puzzle book* with loads of brain teasers you can attempt while sitting on the beach, during siesta time or even when you are at home and you want to be “transported back” to Paleochora.

Here’s how the contest works. Coded messages have always been important on Crete during it’s resistance to it’s many occupations. To enter this contest, you will need to solve a cryptogram – a Paleochora themed sentence written in a code where all the letters of the alphabet have been transposed (for example, A=G, B=Z etc.). Don’t worry, you will get a hint – but only one – to start you on your way.

We have chosen one of the easiest cryptogram puzzles from the book for this contest and many of you will get it solved in no time at all but here are some tips from an experienced puzzler to give you a bit of a boost…

Tips: Copy the coded sentence onto a sheet of paper or print it out using the link below (trying to figure it out on a screen will send you a little mad). Look for very short words, especially if they are repeated. Look for double letters in words. Try things out – if you think you can “see” a word, you can test your assumption by changing the letters that you have uncovered in that word to where they appear in other words. Don’t give up!

Before we get to the puzzle, here are the terms and conditions and legal stuff.

The contest closes at 23:59 (Paleochora time) on Friday 5th. July 2019
Only one entry per household.
One winner will be picked at random at the end of the contest and will be notified by email and in July’s blog post.
The contest is free to enter.
*The winner will receive a printed copy of the prize book unless they are in a region where Amazon do not ship KDP physical books or if the cost of shipping is prohibitively expensive. If that is the case, the prize will be a free copy of the Paleochora Explore! ebook instead.
There are no cash alternatives to the prizes.
Your information (name email, address) will only be stored for the duration of the contest and will be deleted when a winner is declared.

Ok – here is the puzzle

Decypher this sentence…


Your single hint is…

Click here to get this puzzle on a printable page

When you have unjumbled the sentence, simply enter the contest by filling in this form…

The answer (and the winner) will be revealed in the July article. Get your entry in before midnight on Friday 5th July – Happy puzzling!

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