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The Fall of Crete Video

Just came across this great video about the fall of Crete. Enjoy!

The Wreck of The SS Imperatrix at Elafonissi

A short(ish) journey by car or boat to the north west of Paleochora is the island of Elaphonissi, famed these days for the quality of its beaches and its wildlife sanctuary. However, exactly 105 years ago from the date and time that this post is  being published,  Elaphonissi was the scene of a major maritime …

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A Bulletin About a Bullet

A year or more ago, one of my kids came running in from the back garden full of excitement. “I’ve found a bullet, I’ve found a bullet!” he was shouting. Now, round here, that’s not as unusual as it sounds. There are plenty of 9mm casings and even the occasional spent round lying about the …

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An Introduction to the History of Paleochora

The Fort at Paleochora

Paleochora (Selino Kastelli) Until the late nineteenth century the history of Paleochora was, to all intents and purposes, the history of the fortress that dominates the village and the skyline. Although the area surrounding the village contains many remains of early settlements, Greek and Greco-Roman towns and cities, and although there is some evidence of …

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