Paleochora Christmas Puzzle 2011

The White Mountains of Crete, the nearest range to Paleochora,  cover an area of 960 sq. km, and encompass more than twenty summits above 2000m, that’s over 6,560 ft for veteran UK mountaineers like myself. With few paths through the central massif, or Madares, this can be a dangerous and perplexing place to navigate through, and the perfect setting for this year’s Christmas puzzle.

One route to PACHNES, the highest peak at 2453m, is from Omalos, below TOURLI to the Kallergi Refuge, then over PSARI, MAVRI and MELINDAOU, with views across to AXES and VIKOS, and on to the shepherds’ pastures at Katsiveli, an idyllic setting overlooked by MODAKI and KEFALAS. The descent from Pachnes passes below evil-looking TROCHARIS and KAKOVOLI to Anopolis.

East of Katsiveli the difficult E4 path to Askifou runs under AGHIO PNEVMA, GHRIAS SOROS, KORDHA and KASTRO, while another trail heads north below ORNIO and SPATHI.

GINGILOS is probably the most frequently climbed summit, with nearby VOLAKIAS and PSILAFI sometimes added to the day.

The impressive peak seen from the ‘Samaria’ ferry , often mistaken for Pachnes, is in fact ZARANOKEFALA, with a subsidiary spur of KOUTSAKAS.

How to enter:

Nineteen of the 22 mountains in block capitals can be found in the word square (vertically, horizontally, diagonally, forwards or backwards.) Which three are missing? A voucher for €10, to exchange at ‘To Delfini’ bookshop, for the first correct answer opened after the closing date of December 28th.

Barry says: “Save the image to your computer and print it off if you wish to (saves drawing on your computer screen…did I make that joke last year?).  In windows, right click the mouse and chose ‘Save image as…’  If you are unfortunate enough to own a Mac, then you will need to consult your instruction manual.”

All photos by Colin Whiteman during a 4-day trek from Theriso to Agia Roumeli. Good Luck & A Happy Christmas !


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